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Did You Know?

  • ADHD: Almost 1 in 10 children
  • Autism: 1 in 30 children
  • Asthma: At least 1 in 8 children
  • Allergic Eczema: 1 in 5 children
  • Food Allergies: 1 in 12 children 
  • Celiac Disease: 1 in 80 children
  • Obesity/Overweight: 1 in 5 children
  • Learning disability: 1 in 6 children
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: 1 in 100 children
  • Pediatric depression or anxiety: 1 in 20 children
  • Sensory Processing Disorder: 1 in 16 children
  • Severe mood dysregulation (e.g., bipolar disorder): 1 in 30 children
  • Dyspraxia (impaired coordination and motor skills):  1 in 10 children

Peace Is Possible

Are your tired of endless battles, school meetings, meltdowns, & feeling overwhelmed EVERYDAY?

According to millions of American children (54%) live withdiagnosedchronic illnesses. The most stunning part of this epidemic is that all these seemingly disparate illnesses and disorders may all have the same underlying causes. Our holistic healthcare approach addresses these issues at the source.

"I can't believe we have peace back in our home and my son is thriving without medication."

Do You

Feel completely overwhelmed trying to figure out where to start? 

Want a natural holistic approach to healing?

Want a specialized and customized healing protocol designed specifically for your child's health challenges?

Want to save time, money and effort by working with someone who uses potent, proven, and drug free protocols that help you improve your child's health? 

Finally Get Answers For Your Kids

Have you ever asked yourself - WHY?  

What is going on that is causing our children to be so chronically ill today?

The answer? 

The food we eat, the medications that are so freely prescribed, the stress and overwhelm we constantly live in, the toxins we're exposed to, HIDDEN stressors, poor gut and immune health, and the list goes on.

If you or someone you love is suffering from chronic health challenges, one or more of the following might be the root cause:

  • Food Sensitivities 
  • Medication
  • Poor Gut Health
  • Inflammation
  • External toxins
  • Dysfunctions in the body’s detoxification systems
  • Lifestyle factors

Using functional lab testing and a holistic health approach, I identify HIDDEN stressors, dysfunctions, and healing opportunities within the primary systems of the body. 


  • Hormone
  • Immune
  • Digestion
  • Detoxification
  • Energy Production
  • Nervous Systems

My Approach

I guide your family through on a natural wellness journey by adopting an opt-in self-care model. A model that is reasonable and holistic, using drugless protocols, dietary adjustments, mental and behavioral therapies, and genetic health screening to supports the body’s innate healing ability. This specialized and customized healing protocol can make healing possible and combines:

  • Diet
  • Rest
  • Exercise
  • Stress Reduction (including HIDDEN internal & external stressors which will be identified through functional testing)
  • Supplementation

This allows us to coach up the body’s vital reserve and coach down the contributors to metabolic chaos.

"I’ve been working with Jess for my health concerns. She’s been a wonderful resource & advocate"

If you're ready to

  • Activate your child's health 
  • Identify the HIDDEN stressors and dysfunctions in your child’s life that are interfering with the opportunity for a productive life using functional lab tests and genetic screening
  • Cut through the noise and create a clear path to recovery and healing
  • Receive personalized recommendations for the appropriate lab test for you child, so you can maximize your budget
  • Improve your child's diet, sleep habits, digestion, and executive functioning,